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Welcome to GRASP. We are so very glad that you have found us. It is our sincere wish that we may provide comfort and healing in whichever way possible in your search. Feel free to contact us on a personal level or to make suggestions to improve our site. Sharing and caring for one another is why we offer Grief Recovery.


Broken No More is an organization formed by families and friends of people with substance use disorder/chemical dependency, who have lived the trauma of addiction with their loved ones, and have seen firsthand the devastating results of the disease of addiction and overdose deaths.  Broken No More is formed with the hope that more enlightened drug policies may help stem the tide of addiction and overdose.
Our goals are:

  • To provide support, knowledge and an information base for those who have lost a loved one through the disease of substance use disorder/addiction/chemical dependency.  This is a unique loss, often preceded by months and years of turmoil and suffering on the part of the person and their families.

  • To educate the public about the realities of the disease of addiction, in order to change attitudes towards the people suffering from it; thereby increasing understanding, promoting research for real medical treatments and improved and accessible rehabilitation programs, and eventually finding a cure for this devastating condition.

  • To change the way “addicts” and this disease is treated in our society and help end this epidemic of lost and destroyed lives.  Until the stigma and shame are removed from those who suffer from this, progress toward change from punitive to therapeutic responses will not occur.

  • To work to change existing failed policies regarding drug use. The 4 decade long War on Drugs is a horrific failure and has done more damage than good.  Policies must be changed to reflect the newest scientific developments that prove and continue to prove that addiction is a treatable disease.  Substance Use Disorder/Addiction is a health issue; punishment is not the answer to this problem.


Broken One More


I was very blessed to have 3 sons, 3 daughters, 5 grandsons and 5 granddaughters. One of my granddaughters, Lindsey Ann Allen, went to be with the Lord on September 3, 1998. I lost my youngest son, Glen Tyson Alexander, on July 2, 2010 to a drug overdose. He was only 23. Glen's memory will continue to live on, with all those who loved him. I am forever proud to have been his mom. To read more go to:


Margaret Alexander

Gone But Not

Forgotten Banners


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