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On Sunday, August 31, we are announcing a challenge that will begin on Monday, September 1 to spread awareness to families about the opioid antidote and links to training through videos, handouts, and websites.  These links are intended especially for families in the states, like Tennessee, Minnesota, and New Jersey  who have legislation passed with little or no funding.  As an incentive to share this news, You Are Linked to Resources, will donate $1 for every app sold during the month of September to a group who is providing Naloxone and/or training.  Promo codes for the iPhone and Ipad version will be given to their designated organization for every LITE version that is downloaded.  This Challenge is intended to  help unite the 25 - 50 Facebook groups, websites and coalitions.  


During September, we are asking these groups to help us choose the links that will placed in the “Crisis” button and to also send us links that we do not have. These links may also be tagged with a training group to be accessed by its trainees in an emergency.  The cards, manuals, and handouts that are given out in the training may be clicked on in the app.


We hope to gather and refine the materials during September with these groups and launch the app’s Naloxone Section during the Harm and Reduction Conference, October 22 -24, 2014.

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