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Our app is for the families of those seeking recovery from substance misuse as well as healthcare professionals. The app is organized into categories and sections which provide quick and easy access to those looking for information or help. A convenient search feature is also available. Currently, we have over 20,000 links to resources and information within the app. If you have a cause or group you would like us to feature in the app, please let us know. 

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Flipboard Magazine

for Naloxone Articles curated by us

The "You Are Linked to Resources"  app provides a way to stay up-to-date on the most current events and articles in the addiction and recovery community. There are many individuals and coalitions alike that are supporting the addiction and recovery community which is why one of the main goals in the creation of the app is to unite all of us in this cause.

Tablet Version also available for Android and iOS

Our app is updated daily by the developer of this app, Nancy Daniels, and her staff.  A free version with 20,000+ links and a version for $4.99 with 24,000+ links are available in the app stores. 

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