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Use of Evzio from my view

Eric Edwards spoke at the Harm Reduction Conference last week. I'm trying to get his remarks for the cell phone app. My completely negative perception was modified. They have a loan of $150 million to pay off in the next 5 years. This week they have announced donations to first responders in Richmond, VA and Lake County and to the McShin Foundation. Those are the ones that I've seen on Facebook. Current insurance agreements result in no more than a $30 copay. And Medicaid payments are also being setup.

Just as we believe in different paths for recovery, I think there are also different paths to save a life! In Tennessee right now, there are no training programs and my personal physician refused to write a prescription. When I sought advice on what to do next at the state level, I never received any suggestions. I attended a training in Virginia in September and eventually obtained naloxone in Maryland in October. Most parents can't travel out-of-state for training so Evzio may be a solution IF they have insurance and a physician's prescription. I hope to encourage Rhode Island's model of a collaborative agreement with Walgreens and CVS providing the naloxone.


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