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Our Search for a Prescription of Naloxone - Our first request with our physician and followup with t

Sep 17

to Ben.E.Simpson

Just wondering the plans from July meeting! My internist would not write a prescription for Naloxone - none of the five medical professionals were aware of the law & he denied for ethical reasons - my daughter is an adult. We're going to Virginia for training next week. Any ideas on next step for us to get a prescription? I'm traveling for the next five weeks to talk with groups who are training and disseminating information.



Ben E. Simpson

to me Sep 17


Nancy, This is something we have been very interested in, however it requires funding. Unfortunately, in the tough economic times we find ourselves in we have been unable to do something like this. On the other issue let me speak with the Chief Medical Officer and get his advice on how to obtain a Naloxone script. Thanks, Ben


No followup from Ben or the Chief Medical Officer as of 11/17/14

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